The Pod

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       The Pod is an American made box-style shelf available in three sizes, utilizing an elegantly simple mounting mechanism that securely fastens the shelf to and drywall surface with a single tool-free movement. The Pod’s low-profile, modernist design conceals 4 counterpoised steel prongs which attach when the shelf is pressed firmly against a wall. The prongs don’t penetrate deeper than typical drywall, meaning that you neither need to find a stud nor risk costly damage to utilities.  If you ever decide to move (yourself or the shelf), simply remove the locking pin and slide The Pod away from the wall.


Weight Capacity: 

The Mini Pod-10lbs 

The Small Pod -5lbs

The Large Pod-30lbs

  • Real Walnut/White Oak Finish 
  • CPA Certified, EPA TSCA Title VI Certified and meets
    California CARB Phase 2 Formaldehyde Emission limits and requirements
  • Patented Self-mounting mechanism 
  • Cable Port
  • Stainless steel hardware 


The Pods

Mini Pod: Hight 8" x Width 8" x Depth 5" 

Designed to hold your smart phone perfectly, keys, wallets, and candles.

Small Pod: Hight 10" X Width 10" x Depth 6"

Perfectly suitable for speakers, personal care products, small decorations and small books.

Large Pod: Hight 14" x Width 14" x Depth 8"

Great for lamps, textbooks, picture frames, office supplies, and large electronic devices. 





How does the competition hold up? 

The Pod leaves significantly less damage compared to traditional drywall fasteners. Your landlord will thank us. 

The Pod leaves significantly less damage compared to traditional drywall fasteners.

Don't be fooled by it's ease of use and it's minimal impact on your precious walls. The Pod is capable of holding 2X as much as a traditional drywall mounted floating shelf. 


Best Value

Get our Mini+Small+Large pack for $149.99

We save on shipping our Mini+Small+Large Pack because The smaller Pod's fit within the larger Pod's confinement. We Pass That nearly 20% savings on to you.