The Pod

The World's First Self-Mounting Shelf Starting at Only $24.99 + Free Shipping!

Ditch the tools! The Pod mounts onto any drywall surface instantly with a simple push. You neither need to find a stud nor risk costly damage to utilities.

Unlike screws used to mount other drywall shelves The Pod's prongs don’t penetrate deeper than typical drywall, meaning that you neither need to find a stud nor risk costly damage to utilities.

Neatly tuck away speakers, lighting, charging stations.... with The Pod's integrated charging port.

The Pod's Patented design was engineered to hold more than twice the weight of traditional drywall shelving all while leaving significantly less damage than screws or sticky strips.


Our products are proudly hand made in New York using CPA Certified, EPA TSCA Title VI Certified materials meeting California CARB Phase 2 Formaldehyde Emission limits and requirements.

The Pod allows you to easily install high-quality, attractive and customizable shelving that can stay put for years, then be moved to redecorate, or quickly when it’s time to go. Available in real Copper, crystal Clear acrylic and real wood finishes to suit every style.

"The simplicity, and honestly magical user-experience, lends itself to some pretty great benefits."

"People on Instagram are already calling it black magic and are accusing The Shelf team of wizardry."